Hand & Nail Treatments

Shape and polish - £10.00

Standard CND SpaManicure (Approximately 40 minutes) - £18.00
This four step treatment involves shape, cuticles, lotion with hand massage and polish of your choice.

CND Luxury Almond/Citrus SpaManicure (Approximately 1 and a half hours) - £25.00
This luxurious full seven-step treatment involves hand soak, shape, cuticles, exfoliating scrub, masque with heat treatment, lotion with hand and arm massage and polish of your choice.

CND SHELLAC Manicure (Approximately 50 minutes) - £25.00                        Say Hello to Shellac! UV3 Technology....On like polish....Wears like Gel....Off in minutes (Really!) 14 day wear....No nicks, chips or smudges! Mirror finish.... Zero dry time....No nail damage!

Luxury CND Shellac Manicure (Approximately 1hr 30mins) - £32.50 Includes exfoliating scrub, masque with heat treatment and lotion with hand and arm massage.

MINX™ (Approximately 45 mins) - £25.00                                                  Extends Fashion to your Fingertips & Toes. Worn by every celebrity on the planet. Long lasting and requires only heat and pressure. Love Attention? Love Minx! Many colours and designs to choose from! 

Aura Balance Hand & Nail Treatment (Approximately 1 hour) - £20.00
The flow of energy in our bodies affects our physical wellbeing. In daily life, our energy centres, or Chakras, can often become overworked and unbalanced. Crystals can be used to activate, energise and rebalance our Chakra centres.
Chakras are stimulated by energy vibrations, the same as those found to resonate within crystals. Simply by placing the crystals in your hand bath, they will realign your body’s vibrations, and bring relaxation and tranquillity.

The Nail Biter Treatment Plan We all know how difficult it can be to grow your own nails, and sometimes we need a little help to be able to acheive it. That's where the Nail Biter Treatment plan comes in! Treating yourself to a weekly manicure, will certainly help, and hopefully encourage you not to bite, when you start to see the results. Your hands and nails can look neat and elegant in no time, with a little bit of work from me, and you! Please feel free to call or email me if you'd like to discuss your options or would like some advice.

Option 1 – 3 Standard Manicure Treatments over 3 weeks - £50.00
Option 2 – 5 Standard Manicure Treatments over 5 weeks - £85.00
Option 3 – 3 Standard & 2 Luxury Manicure Treatments over 5 weeks - £100.00

Nail Enhancements (Full Set)

United Beauty (Star Nails) Fibreglass/Silk - £35.00
CND Liquid & Powder (Acrylic) - £37.00                                                            
CND Brisa Gel - £37.00 
AcryGel - £37.00
Sculptured Acrylic/Gel - £40.00
Coloured, Glitter or French Acrylic/Gel - £37.00

Natural Nail Overlays

Fibreglass/Silk - £28.00
Acrylic/Gel - £30.00


Fibreglass/Silk - £20.00
Acrylic/Gel - £20.00
Breakage call out charge (Includes 1 nail) - £12.00
Nail Replacements/Repairs (Per nail) – £3.50
Enhancement Removal (Soak off - includes mini manicure) - £12.00
Nail art from - £1.00

Why not host a Nail Party?
Invite 3 or more paying friends round for an evening of girly fun and relaxation, and as the Hostess, you will receive your Manicure Treatment or set of Enhancements absolutely FREE and a bottle of bubbly!!